Thursday, April 5, 2012


Actress Devshi Khanduri, who was noticed for her debut film "Chargesheet", says theatre helps her maintain her acting skills. 

"I have done a lot of theatre. I love it because there is a lot more creativity in it and it helps me keep my acting skills sharp. I keep learning lots of new things when I am doing theatre," Devshi Said. But she says it is tough for a person without a film background to make a mark in the industry. 

"It took me two years of auditioning, after which I got "Chargesheet". For a person like me, who is from a non-film background, it is very difficult to get into films. The number of young people who want to get into the industry is huge, but very few make it big.  I consider myself very lucky. But I had to work very hard for this opportunity. And it feels great that whatever work I have got has been on the basis of my performance," she said. 

Devshi Khanduri
Now that she is getting good work, she makes sure she does not choose similar kind of roles. And had signed a Hollywood Film in which she is doing Lead role.

From a supporting actress to the main lead -- the journey has been a learning one for Devshi. 

"Playing a lead role means getting the limelight, but with everything else it comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure. I hope I am able to live up to the expectations and the film does well," she said.