Saturday, April 14, 2012


Sarita & Sunil Pal at their residence

Trust Sunil Pal to come up with funny one liners on the go. 

Renowned stand-up comedian Sunil Pal instantly comes up with something funny on any word or a given situation. He could give any creative copy writer in any top advertising agency a run for his or her money if he ever decides to take up a career in that field.

While doing promotion for his just released movie "Ab Hoga Dharna Unlimited" for television channels at his home, it was great to see that he had funny take on all questions asked and situations presented to him.  He truly has the gift of the jab!

Sunil's wife Sarita Sunil Pal not only helps him in organising his schedules but also turned out to be an excellent host. She took take care of all media people present till her husband was back. He had gone to some channel where he was supposed to be interviewed live for some Miracle Baba, however that could not be happened due to shortage of time with Sunil Pal.  When he came back, he apologised to media people for the delay and instantly started answering various questions on his forthcoming movie in his patent funny style.His mimicry of Anna Hazare was excellent though he was quick to disclaim that he respects the veteran Gandhian from the bottom of his heart and supports all his campaigns for nation building.

PR : Fame Media (Arun Wasim)

Sunil Pal with Qamaal .. Ab Kuchh Karein Dhamaal!