Thursday, May 3, 2012


BIG Live scales up BIG DISHA initiative to 325 towns
Aims to ignite young minds to make informed career decisions ~ New Delhi, 

May 2, 2012: BIG Live the IP division of Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd, is scaling up its rural IP – BIG DISHA. The initiative will benefit youths in 325 towns spread across 5 different states with an objective to help youth make informed career decisions basis their personality type and interest areas. With the help of career experts the initiative will aim to unravel the myths & unfold the potential about career streams, professional courses. With large numbers of educational institutes, coaching centres, English speaking institutes coming up in small towns and acting as an education hub for students to make big one day, it is necessary for us to provide the students with a trusted and unbiased professional guidance to help them make a better career choices and pursue courses of their interest. Speaking on the uniqueness of the program, Company spokesperson said, “Though career fairs are done by many media houses, this is one of the largest initiatives taken by any media house to establish a dialogue with youths. The company plans to roll out this program across 5 states to reach out to 6.5 lacs youth directly. Secondly the program format is a ‘never seen before experience’ for small town youth.” Starting summer the program will touch many lives and create long lasting impressions. A leading FMCG brand looking to make a behavioral shift in small town & rural youth has partnered with BIG Live to support the initiative as youths are the biggest influencer and consumption drivers for many categories in larger India and going forward they will shape up new market dynamics and the way brands are consumed in these markets.